Best Laser Printers for Mac in 2024

A printer is an integral computer accessory for anyone, whether you are a student, business owner, or employee. There are two main types of printers; inkjet and laserjet. The former uses ink, and the latter uses toner. Laserjet printers are popular because they are more affordable in the long run. If you own a Mac, you will find it is not easy getting a laserjet printer for Mac.

You may need to spend a lot of time going to computer stores trying to find the best laserjet printer for Mac. Having information that can help you speed up the search process will go a long way to help you make the right decision. This is why we did thorough research and came up with a list of the best laserjet printer for Mac.

Quick Summary

Best Multifunctional Printer: HP M281FDW All in One Color Laser Printer

It can copy, print, scan, and fax. The product has various connection options like USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. Duplex printing is available, which is a plus.

Best Color Printer: Brother HL-L8360CDW

If you are going for a color laserjet printer that is fast, the Brother HL-L8360CDW is what you need. It has an LCD touchscreen that helps you easily perform various printing tasks. The printer can print different kinds of documents and prints on different types of papers and envelopes.

Best Black and White Laser Printer for Mac: Samsung Xpress M2020W

If you are going for an affordable monochrome laser printer for Mac, the Samsung Xpress M2026 is the best choice. It can print 21 pages per minute and gives quality printouts.

Do I Need A Laserjet Printer for Mac?

So why should you buy a laser printer when it is more expensive than an inkjet printer? The answer is laser printers have more benefits than inkjet printers. Some of the advantages include economy, precision, and speed. Laser technology is faster than ink technology. Additionally, laser printers use a beam that does not have a varying diameter. This means they do not spill ink, and they can print more precisely.

Although inkjet printers are cheaper to buy, it is more expensive to keep them running. Toner powder in laserjet printers lasts long and is more affordable. Therefore, you should seriously consider getting a laserjet printer compatible with Mac instead of an inkjet printer.

Best Laser Printers for Mac: What to Consider in 2024?

Networking Capability

Today, the majority of printers provide users with a variety of connectivity options. For many years, USB (Universal Serial Bus) had been the popular connection mode. Recently, printers started offering a network connection using ethernet cables. Currently, the majority of printers come with wireless connectivity features.

Since you are looking for the best laser printer compatible with Mac, you will need to ensure you get one with wireless network connectivity. Most Macs do not have an ethernet port. This means they cannot use a printer with ethernet and USB connections only.

Paper Handling

Any printer uses A4 papers as a standard printing material. However, you may need to print other materials such as business cards, envelopes, and photos. Not every laser printer can do this. You will need to find out the kind of paper your printer can print before making a purchase. Additionally, consider the capacity of the input tray if you plan on doing a lot of printing.

The Cloud, PictBridge, and SD Slots

You may be looking for the best color laser printer for Mac that can print photos. There are factors you need to consider, like input methods that are convenient such as cloud-based support, PictBridge, Bluetooth capabilities, and memory slots. Such features will allow you to print photos directly from a smart device or camera.


All-in-one or multifunction laser printers are printers that can make copies, print, scan, and fax. Look for a multifunction laser printer compatible with Mac if you need one that can perform all the mentioned tasks.


All printers have specifications such as duty cycle, DPI, and PPM. The duty cycle represents the number of pages the printer can print in a month. DPI refers to the quality of the printout in terms of ”dots per inch”. PPM is the number of pages it can print in a minute. Printers with a high value for all these specifications should be considered the best options.

Our Picks: Best Laser Printers for Mac 2024

1. HP M281FDW All in One Color Laser Printer

HP M281FDW All in One Color Laser Printer

This is the best color laser printer for Mac that is multifunctional. The HP M281FDW Color Laser Printer is the perfect choice for small to medium businesses that use Mac. It offers faxing, copying, printing, and scanning both in black and color. Duplex printing is another feature that is a plus for businesses that need double-sided printing. It has a plethora of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB.


  • Smart feature (scan to email)
  • Fast printing
  • Extra USB port
  • Connects to smartphone
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compact design
  • Easy to set up


  • ADF does not support duplex printing
  • No NFC features
  • Expensive


2. Brother HL-L8360CDW

Brother HL-L8360CDW

The best non-multifunction color laser printer compatible with Mac is the Brother HL-L8360CDW. For starters, it comes with four free toner cartridges. The printing speed is 33 pages a minute, and it has a touchscreen to help you easily navigate its menu. Other great features include NFC (Near Field Communication), cloud printing, mobile page, ethernet, wireless printing, and duplex printing. The Brother HL-L8360CDW is recommended for heavy and top-notch color printing.


  • Built-in security features
  • Fast and quiet
  • Low-cost toner cartridge
  • Excellent printing quality
  • Variety of connectivity options


  • Not multifunction.


3. Samsung Xpress M2020W

Samsung Xpress M2020W

If you are looking for the best laserjet printer for Mac without multifunction capabilities, consider the Samsung Xpress M2020W. Not only is it affordable, but it is super silent. It can print 21 pages per minute, which is higher than other laser printers in its class. The Samsung Xpress uses advanced rendering to provide sharp and detailed printouts. Additionally, it has touch screen printing features.


  • Affordable
  • Fast printing speed
  • Touch screen printing capabilities
  • High-quality printouts


  • Not multifunctional
  • Only prints black and white


Useful Tips & Tricks

Laserjet printers are durable pieces of hardware. They usually outlast inkjet printers and are easy to maintain. This article from HP outlines tips you can use to ensure your printer is well maintained.

Cleaning laser printers does not mean you need to have any technical expertise and sophisticated tools. Once in a while, you may experience faults with a laserjet printer. In such cases, you can use this guide from Brother to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution.


Finding the best laserjet printer for Mac is not easy. We have thoroughly researched many laserjet printers to find the best in the market. Choose any of the three mentioned above that suit your needs. If you are not satisfied, you can use the above information as a guide on how to choose one that will suit your needs.

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