Best MacBook Pro Laptop Stand Review in 2024 (13/15/16 Inch)

Are you looking for the best MacBook Pro stand? You’re in the right place.

Macs are excellent pieces of equipment on their own – but the right accessories can make them even better. A Macbook Pro stand isn’t just a tool for showing off your latest purchase.

A Macbook Pro laptop stand optimizes space, reduces your desk clutter, and protects your device from spills and accidents.

The best stand will add to the aesthetic appeal of your office and give you more ergonomic comfort too. The only problem is that with so many different shapes and sizes of stand to choose from, it’s difficult to know where you should start.

Quick Summary

Need some help getting started? Here are our top recommendations:

  • The Bestand laptop stand is excellent for office use because it looks professional in any setting. Durable and reliable, it suits all sizes of MacBook.
  • The Nulaxy laptop stand is great for ergonomic support because you can adjust the height and angle of your MacBook correctly.
  • Best for portability, the Steklo laptop stand is easy to fold away when not in use. It’s also brimming with plenty of ventilation.
  • The Vogek laptop stand is a good choice if you want extra space alongside your MacBook for a mouse or a tablet.
  • The Omoton is the stand for you if you want a secure place to store your machine when it isn’t in use.

Who Should Get This?

Macs are incredible resources for today’s creative minds and professionals. However, they often work best when you have the right tools and accessories to use with them. A MacBook Pro stand ensures that you can view and use your laptop more comfortably and conveniently.

If you’ve ever noticed how uncomfortable your laptop starts to feel after sitting on your legs for a few hours, you’ll know that these machines can get pretty warm too. A stand prevents the machinery from overheating, improving your device’s longevity.

Best Macbook Pro Stand: What to Look for in 2024

The ideal MacBook Pro stand for your needs will depend on several factors. The first and most important consideration you’ll need to think about is the size of your MacBook. Do you have a 13-inch computer or something that’s 16 inches? Different stands support different weights and sizes.

Other factors that you might want to consider as you look at our Macbook Pro stand review options below include:

Material and Durability

A metal stand might be more durable than one made with plastic. However, metal is also more likely to overheat. Ideally, you’ll need a stand that’s robust enough to withstand regular use, but lightweight and cool enough to hold up to the heat.


A MacBook Pro stand isn’t just there to make your device look good. It should help you to use your MacBook more effectively too. The right stand will improve your posture and make it easier to look at your screen without craning your neck.


Just because there’s more to the best MacBook Pro stand than looks, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider aesthetics. Your choice needs to look great in your home or office. Choose something that will make your computer stand out for all the right reasons.


We already mentioned that your stand needs to be the right size for your Macbook; however, it should also be the right size to fit your desk or lap. Think about how you’re going to be using your machine, and how big the stand needs to be.


Aside from improving your ergonomics and making your laptop easier to see, what does your stand do? Does it protect your machine from overheating, or make it easier to organize your desk so that you can work more comfortably?

Best Macbook Pro Stand: Our Picks in 2024

1. Bestand Laptop Stand

Bestand Laptop Stand

This aluminum MacBook Pro stand is ideal for anyone looking to cool down their computer with a durable and reliable device. Whether you need a MacBook Pro 13 stand or something for a Pro 16, the Bestand can do it all, as it supports laptops between 11 and 16 inches.

The premium aluminum panel is the perfect heat sink for your laptop, while the cable management ring means that you can keep any cables properly organized – for a clutter-free desk. The design of the anti-skid silicone pad protects the computer from scratches too.


  • Works for a range of MacBook sizes
  • Cable management ring to reduce clutter
  • Excellent for reducing heat
  • Aluminum construction for better durability
  • Anti-skid silicone ring included


  • Quite heavy (not great for portability)
  • Rubber feet can sometimes fall off


2. Nulaxy Stand

Nulaxy Stand

Another example of a great MacBook Pro laptop stand for devices of all sizes. The Nulaxy ergonomic height-adjustable stand features customizable arms that you can move to suit your needs. The solid aluminum construction means that you get a more stable experience for laptops up to 44lbs in weight.

The Z-type design also means that you can enjoy a brilliant level of comfort, while the rubber pads on the top surface hold your computer stable. If durability and stability weren’t attractive enough features for this stand – it helps that the product looks incredible too.


  • Ergonomic design that raises your laptop to eye level
  • Solid aluminum construction holds a range of laptops
  • Rubber pads to protect your computer
  • Nulaxy warranty included
  • Attractive appearance


  • Takes a lot of pressure to adjust the stand
  • Stoppers preventing your laptop from sliding are uncomfortable


3. Steklo Adjustable stand

Steklo Adjustable stand

Sometimes the best Macbook Pro 15 stand is the one that’s the simplest. This ergonomic laptop stand is easy to use and brilliantly portable as it folds up to suit life on the go. The aluminum computer riser is compatible with all sizes of MacBook Pro up to 17 inches.

Featuring plenty of ventilation to keep your computer cool, the Steklo can improve the longevity of your device and stop you from facing too many crashes. What’s more, because the stand is adjustable, you get to choose the ideal height and angle for your ergonomic needs. There’s even a money-back guarantee included.


  • Suitable for a range of laptop and MacBook sizes
  • Easy to assemble and fold away for transportation
  • Lots of ventilation to keep your laptop cool
  • Adjust your laptop to the perfect angle and height
  • Money-back guarantee included


  • No rubber feet to stop it from slipping on your desk
  • Pegs to hold your laptop in place are uncomfortable


4. Vogek Foldable Aluminium Stand

Vogek Foldable Aluminium Stand

If you’re looking for a MacBook pro stand with enough room for both your laptop and your tablet or smartphone, this is the product for you. The Vogek foldable aluminum stand works for various laptop sizes and comes with an adjustable table, so you can choose the angle that suits you best.

The premium aluminum with silicone feet provides absolute stability. For people who prefer to have their MacBook closer to eye level, this table-like stand is a no brainer. Plus, it can fold down for extra storage, though it is a bit bulkier than some laptop stands.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Works with all kinds of MacBook Pro sizes
  • Aluminum for better stability and durability
  • Plenty of space for your equipment
  • Adjustable to suit your ergonomic needs


  • May be too high at the lowest level for some to comfortably type
  • Not the most adjustable


5. OMOTON Vertical Stand

OMOTON Vertical Stand

Finally, if you’re looking for somewhere to store your laptop when it’s in sleep mode, or you need a space to keep your MacBook safe, this is the product for you. Rather than giving you a table that you can adjust to view your MacBook better, the OMOTON gives users two slots for laptop storage.

The adjustable components mean that you can ensure the stand holds your laptop firmly, reducing the risk of accidents. Plus, there’s a non-slip silicon mat included to protect your device from any unnecessary scratches and other problems.


  • Durable and stable design
  • Adjustable width to suit a wide range of laptops and MacBook’s
  • Protective non-slip mat to stop scratches
  • Great for storing your laptops


  • Only for storage – not for laptop use


Additional Tips and Tricks

Remember, it’s essential to consider how you’re going to use your MacBook stand before shopping.

Often, if you use products like iPads for sketching or an external mouse, it might be a good idea to buy a laptop stand that’s a little larger, so you can have some more space.
If you’re looking for ways to stop your Mac from overheating, you can also look into other options aside from using a stand.

Check out this guide for tips on what to do if your MacBook Pro does overheat, and you need to get it up and running as quickly as possible.

Finishing Thoughts

A great MacBook Pro stand can be an excellent place to store your laptop, when it’s in use and when it isn’t. All you need to do is find the stand that’s suitable for your needs.

Take some time to think about how you’re planning on using your new accessory, then go shopping with some of the most essential features you need in mind!

Do you know of an excellent MacBook stand we haven’t covered here? Let us know in the comments.

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